a study of luke 19:1-10

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Discover how Zacchaeus became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This study guide accompanies our 5 part YouTube series "Zacchaues: Tax Collector to Disciple".

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    “I hope you will be blessed by this study. My greatest "Aha” moment came in Episode 4, when I discovered why the onlookers grumbled as Zacchaeus was restored by Jesus."

    Remmo Beerepoot

    Tasmania, Australia

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    This is a Study Guide to accompany the five part series titled "Zacchaes: Tax Collector to Disciple".

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    • Why did the ecounter occur in Jericho?
    • What does the city represent?


    • Why couldn't Zacchaeus see Jesus?
    • Was Zacchaeus really a short man?
    • What prevents us from seeing Jesus?
    • Why is seeing Jesus important for us today?


    • Why did Zacchaeus climb a tree?
    • Must we do what Zacchaeus did?


    • Why did the onlookers grumble... what were they afraid of?
    • Are we onlookers... do we grumble?


    • What is the purpose of discipleship?
    • What does a disciple do?